Posted 1st March 2013

Explore Touch with Internet Explorer

We couldn’t be more excited about the launch of Fi’s latest project. In partnership with Microsoft to promote Internet Explorer 10 and touch browsing, we proudly introduce Explore Touch, an HTML5 site that lets consumers use touch gestures to mix audio files and create custom sound tracks with the swipe of their fingers. The experience centers on an original song from singer, song-writer, and producer Blake Lewis.

Look what happens when we let Fi’s own COO Stephen Carpi at the controls of this site. Scratching, two touch drags, rotations, and a light-filled explosion. HTML5′ing it like a boss.

Check out the slick spot Microsoft, Blake Lewis and filmmaker Keith Rivers created to showcase what’s possible on a new Windows 8 touch device with IE10.

Bonus points! Blake’s new track Your Touch is available for streaming for a one-week exclusive at and as a free download from Xbox Music.

Want to know more about the spot? Check out this behind-the-scenes video.

The site was recently recognized as The Cutting Edge Project of the Week, an award curated by Adobe and FWA as work that best highlights the newest capabilities of the modern web.

Adobe - TheFWA | The Cutting Edge award winner | Explore Touch with Microsoft IE 10Here are a few screen shots of the site experience. The Explorer logo flashes and loads before the big reveal.

Explorer logo

Touch gestures like pinching the smaller rings in and out controls the flow of music.

Touch gestures like pinching in and out

Explore Touch can be accessed on any new Windows 8 touch device with IE10.

Explore Touch

Individual music components like vocals, strings and bass can be mixed and experimented with just a swipe of the finger.

Music components can be experimented with touch interface

Working on Explore Touch icons. You know we love our icons around here.

Explore Touch icons

Like all of our work, Explore Touch was made possible by the amazing talent at Fi. Thank you all for your hard work. Now everyone at the office can’t stop unleashing their inner DJ on Explore Touch.

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