Posted 6th March 2013

Fi + Microsoft = Cool HTML5 Experiences

Lately, our output with HTML5 experiences has come through some of our recent work with Microsoft. We’ve built a trusted partnership with them to create useful web apps. It goes to show that with bold clients, an agency is empowered to create beautiful, meaningful work. Check out the ‘everyday activities’ we’ve transformed with HTML5.


1. Reading 

Pulse is a news reading experience for mobile devices and the web that allows readers to easily access traditional media, blogs, websites, and social networks.

In partnership with Microsoft, Fi was tapped to design Pulse’s HTML5 web app and deliver a beautiful interface and intuitive UX in which Pulse’s co-founder and CEO Akshay Kothari has since described as “content consumption that is a visual delight.” The beautiful and interactive mosaic of news was named one of TIME’s top 50 apps in 2011. Today, 25 million people use Pulse across all devices and over 10 million stories are read each day. We’re proud to have helped increase engagement and score another win in our wheelhouse of news clients which includes previous projects with Al Jazerra, CBS, CNN and USA Today.

Here are a few screen shots from the Pulse experience starting with the web app’s landing page.

Pulse web app landing page

Readers can customize their news feeds by selecting from preferred catalog publications.

Pulse news reader catalog of titles

After personalizing settings, the user’s news feed displays as an interactive mosaic of streaming images.

Pulse Activity news feed

Reading an article delivers a clean, uncluttered experience where users can swipe left or right to move to the next article.

Pulse article reading view


2. Shopping 

Shopping is inherently social. But with today’s advanced web technologies, shopping is taken to a new playing field at the ease of the consumer. Microsoft tasked Fi to design Glimpse by the popular social shopping company TheFind. The idea was to create an HTML5 site experience consolidating paper catalogues into digital look books in one easy-to-use place. Glimpse is a shopping discovery app that curates shopping pages for users based on their Facebook ‘Like’ data.

Shopping becomes even more social with new ways to discover, browse and explore your favorite clothes and accessories. Of course, here at Fi, we’ve always been stylish. That is, we’ve had a long history in working with fashion and e-commerce clients like Acne, Desigual, IKEA and Nordstrom. And social is in our nature with aficionado brands like Ducati and Porsche. What can we say? We like to be ahead of the trends.


3. Playing 

With a focus on promoting Internet Explorer 10 and touch browsing, Fi had a lot of fun creating Explore Touch, an HTML5 site that lets consumers use touch gestures to mix audio files and create custom sound tracks with their fingers. Time to release your inner DJ. Accessible from any new Windows 8 touch device with IE10, intuitive UI like swiping left and right, pinching in and out, and rotating full circles with your fingers controls the experience.

Our work with Xbox, EA Sports and Nintendo proved to be good sources of valuable inspiration as we put this one together. As always, check out the latest Fi projects here and keep up with us on Facebook.