Posted 2nd June 2011

Opening up with Fi and Google


Last year Fi and the Google Chrome Team launched an engaging and educational online book that brings to life 20 things about modern browsers and the web. Through HTML5, JavaScript and CSS, Fi and the Google Chrome Team designed and built a web book that incorporates traditional book-related elements into functional interactive features. This online book aims to help everyday users make the best of the web and navigate the web more safely and efficiently.

Today, the framework that was developed to bring the traditional feel of a hard cover book to the browser environment is being open sourced. To coincide with the open source release, “20 Things I Learned about Browsers and The Web“ is also now available in 15 languages.

So have fun tinkering with the code and creating your own online books!

Learn more about this project on Google’s Blog, and explore the creation process with Fi’s “20 Things” Case Study.