Posted 6th September 2016

What if Tinder did Travel?

Here at Fantasy, we tend to publish our thoughts on broken industries from healthcare to e-commerce using the question; “what if?”.

Recently we focused on a mobile experience and the popular genre’s of travel and dating. Typical millennial audience stuff, the kind of stuff that needs to exhibit best in class LLOE (low level of effort) UX, that’s right, so you can with one hand and one eye open book a vacation just before you share what you did on Facebook before you fall asleep at 2am.

So what if Tinder did travel? The UX value we get from the Tinder’s of the world is in it’s glorified ease in swiping and engagement. It’s one hand, one swipe and you have action. Literally.

And before you start your next episode of Stranger Things, take a quick look at what we came up with:

Here is how the app would look on your mobile device:

Here is the desktop presentation version:


You can simulate planning and do the work for that millennial that is browsing your app while the GoT’s intro plays in the background. We like to use large numerics a simple few short questions to establish some sort of plan, you know, like a destination and a date perhaps.


A fav UX method of the “one handers”, swiping cannot be undervalued or cornered for the dating market. Infact the swiping increases user engagement providing the UX is effective and swiping or one handed interactivity is consistent.


As with any search results filters are key to providing a focused option and click through. We prefer to utilize the screen and a motion language to hold the attention span.


Seamlessly integrated and one click will greatly increase completion of the purchase funnel.


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