Posted 3rd October 2016 Redesign

Alright, so how do you present a global brand at a global scale? Imagine getting that brief? from Facebook! Yep…let’s do this.

Sharing Facebook with the world

The Facebook brand is one of the most recognized in the world. Having evolved over many years, Facebook asked us to design an experience to communicate their brand language.

A fluid experience

We designed a streamlined system to make understanding and using Facebook’s brand as simple as possible.

A unique approach to illustration

Our design team created custom illustrations to support the brand language.


Solving a shared pain point

Marketers struggled to know how to use the brand correctly, causing Facebook to get inundated with requests. We sought to solve by designing a simple request portal to streamline the process.

Localized for global media creators

We’ve designed an adaptive experience that can accommodate any language across all devices.

The final result was a stunning set of templates, designed to work scalably across Facebook’s wide portfolio of brands.

We just published an official case study to celebrate the launch of the new

About Fantasy

Fantasy is an independently owned human-centered UI & UX firm in Silicon Valley and New York City.

Creating product UI within automotive UI to artificial intelligence, consoles to mobile operating systems. We partner with Xbox to 23andMe, Google to Twitter and Spotify to Huawei. Our mission is to significantly impact the user experience in every-day products through bold design. We are thriving and therefore, you guessed it, hiring.

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