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The Met Museum Redesign

Surviving and thriving in the digital business over the past 15 years you get to see some interesting client briefs. They all start with an email that gently touches down in...

28th September 2016 0
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What if Tinder did Travel?

Recently we focused on a mobile experience and the popular genre’s of travel and dating. Typical millennial audience stuff, the kind of stuff that needs to exhibit best in...

6th September 2016 0
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Introducing the future of automotive UI design

Take a moment to consider the state of the world today. We face a world of dire and complex challenges. From violent social divides and extreme poverty to climate change....

6th September 2016 0
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Rokid selects Fantasy as product design partner

At the forefront of Home Artificial Intelligence (AI), Rokid, Inc., a robotics company, selects Fantasy as their UX/UI partner.

21st June 2016 0
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Travitor selects Fantasy as product design partner

Travitor, the Learning Management Software company has selected Fantasy as their UX/UI partner for the online product platforms.

5th May 2016 0