Posted 19th April 2017

How we made Amper

Amper is an A.I composer, performer, and producer. It’s a beautiful product we designed last year and it’s up for a webby right now, yes you can vote right > here. The team in NYC whom worked on the project made an on-the-fly video to take us through how it works and how we designed it.

About Amper

Amper is an artificial intelligence composer, performer, and producer that empowers you to instantly create and customize original music for your content.


About Fantasy

Fantasy is an independently owned human-centered UI & UX firm in Silicon Valley and New York City.

Creating product UI within automotive UI to artificial intelligence, consoles to mobile operating systems. We partner with Xbox to 23andMe, Google to Twitter and Spotify to Huawei. Our mission is to significantly impact the user experience in every-day products through bold design. We are thriving and therefore, you guessed it, hiring.

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